Protocol Treasury

The Impermax treasury is managed through different addresses with different purposes.

Cold Treasuries These are multi-sig addresses through which we passively hold the protocol reserves in the safest manner. We plan to eventually move most of the protocol assets to this type of treasury. Arbitrum treasury:

Protocol Owned Liquidity The address which currently holds and farms the IBEX liquidity owned by the protocol. Protocol Owned veNFT The address used to hold and vote with our partners veNFT.

Reserves Manager The address which is directly collecting revenues from the Impermax protocol.

IBEX Treasury The recipient address of the vested funds of the IBEX treasury. These funds in the past have been distributed mainly through liquidity mining.

Protocol Growth and Development The address that the team uses for daily business operations.

Bridge Liquidity Provider The address used to provide IBEX liquidity to bridges in order to allow for easy cross-chain IBEX transfers while keeping the safety of the underlying native bridge.

Operations The address used for Impermax daily operations.

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